There’s A New WhatsApp Call Scam That Needs Your Attention

WhatsApp has become a hub for spam and marketing messages, the exact reason why millions jumped ship to the messaging app from the traditional SMSs. But the sophistication of scams on WhatsApp are evolving.

Now, you just don’t have to worry about the nagging promotional messages from brands (who do no have the consent to message you on WhatsApp), there have been regular instances of people getting WhatsApp calls (both audio and video) from random international numbers that as per the ISD codes given are originating from countries like Malaysia, Kenya and Vietnam.

Most people are obviously flustered to see calls from these countries, and they are also worried as to how these scammers have got their number. As you might know, WhatsApp works through the VoIP network, so these people can call from any country without facing additional charges. These incidents are not at all isolated and searching through social media will tell you that many people are facing this issue.

We have also got calls on WhatsApp with codes +60 (Malaysia), +254 (Kenya) and +84 (Vietnam). While others have reported about calls from +62 (Indonesia) and +223 (Mali) among others.

Nobody knows the agenda of these calls and the caller but in most cases when you get a call from a random number, chances are they are trying to scam you into revealing confidential data that can aid their purpose of stealing money from your account or others.

Having said that, just because you are getting calls from international numbers, it doesn’t mean the origin of the call is from that country. These days you have agencies that sell international numbers for WhatsApp calls being in the same city as you.

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