Important Highlights –

  • Bungie has confirmed Destiny 2 crossplay
  • The Destiny 2 crossplay is coming in 2021
  • Yet, its uncleared which platforms will support the feature
  • Hopefully, the player from every platform will be able to dive
  • Bungie also added cross-save support

Details –

Bungie has made confirmation of Destiny 2, and crossplay support will be getting sooner or one year from now. However, Bungie has not specified or determined that what platforms will be able to get the feature. But we can take the idea that you’ll have the option to dive into Destiny 2 with players over each platform where the game is available.

That consists of Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Stadia, Xbox Series X / S, and PC. In recent months of this year’s prior, it appeared to be like for crossplay; a 2021 release date was the goal; however, Bungie was more positive about a release next year in a blog post published on recent Tuesday.

Gradually, Bungie has been building the game more platform-agnostic. In 2019, the studio added cross-save help, which lets you carry you save starting with one stage then onto the next. Also, close by the next-gen update for the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 that is out now, the game will support cross-age play, implying that PS5 players will even now have the option to play with individuals on PS4, for instance.

The next-gen update additionally permits the game to run at 4K resolution and up to 60fps on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, improves load times, and adds a FOV slider. The sultriest game on Valorant, Twitch, isn’t out yet, and cheating is now an issue that should be addressed. Before the release of crossplay, in case Bungie doesn’t execute stricter anti-cheating measures, support players may run into cheaters in case they can play with individuals on PC.  

Though, Destiny 2 actually doesn’t have complete anti-cheat on Computer. The developers behind PUBG, Call of Duty: Warzone and Destiny 2 have all reported enormous pushes to react to cheating lately.

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Bungie confirms Destiny 2 crossplay for 2021
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