The latest season is adding Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian.

The latest season of Fortnite is almost here, following a cataclysmic event featuring the supervillain Galactus. The second chapter: Season 5 has been named ZERO POINT, and it includes hunters from numerous real factors joining forces to battle something many refer to as THE LOOP.

Above all most importantly: Baby Yoda or aka Grogu consistently joined one of those hunters is the Mandalorian. In addition to the famed Star Wars bounty hunter, the season 5 highlights a group of new original Fortnite characters whereas the last season was completely Marvel-themed.

People who buy a battle pass of this season will have the option to unlock and open characters such as sci-fi hunter and an ancient warrior that seems ripped from a Tsutomu Nihei manga. There’s an additional creature named as “Mancake the fighting Flapjac” that feels very Fortnite after all this game has given us Peely the banana.

Except for characters, there are new location with exploding zero-point sci-fi desert area and a jungle area. Without new weapons, it additionally wouldn’t be another season of Fortnite: season 5 additions consist the Mandalorian’s Amban sniper rifle, the Dragon’s Breath shotgun, and the Night Hawk, where you can track your opponents.

Besides those additions, the greatest change has all the appears of being another quest structure. Check how the developer Epic describes it:

Help For Hire – It described that, in their unstable new reality, you would need to help the Island’s characters as a hunter. Take on their bounties and journeys, hire them to be your ally or get intel on your environmental factors. Receive the benefits by challenging them to a duel.

Spend Your Wages – This explains that the new characters only accept “Bars” for payment. You can earn bars by finishing missions and bounties, finding hidden stashes or eliminating players around the Island. Spend your made bars on new upgrades, exotic weapons, services, intel and more.

From the realities beyond, Epic has additionally teased significantly more hunters recommending that extra authorized or licensed characters are in transit. The update isn’t live yet, however normally Fortnite seasons release at around 3 AM ET.

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Fortnite’s latest-season adds locations &weapons
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